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How do I troubleshoot printing?

Start at the basics:

1. check cables, connectors, etc.

2. At the [linux] command prompt, type the next commands:

echo "hello world" > /dev/lp0

echo "hello world" > /dev/lp1

echo "hello world" > /dev/lp2

wait a few seconds between each command and notice at what command the printer starts printing "hello world". Use that device in your FREESCO printer queue setup.

However, some printers do not understand plain ASCII or require a formfeed to start printing. In that case use the next procedure:

  1. Use a windoze client with the printer driver for your model printer installed
  2. Instead of printing to the printer port, select 'print to file'
  3. Make a test print and save it to a file testprint.dmp
  4. x-fer this file via floppy, ftp, samba, telekinesis or whatever means available to your FREESCO box
  5. Now type the next commands:

cat testprint.dmp > /dev/lp0

cat testprint.dmp > /dev/lp1

cat testprint.dmp > /dev/lp2

Again wait a minute or so before moving to the next command to allow the printer to digest the byte stream.

This procedure eliminates cabling and/or hardware related problems and it helps to detect what parallel port has to be used for the printer.

Last update: 2004-10-15 14:53
Author: Dingetje
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