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I can't get printerserver to work with my Epson Stylus printer!


Epson uses there own printer spooler and it is incompatible with using any LPR client. However there are two ways around it. The best is to open the Epson print manager and if you look around you should be able to find a box that say's " Use Windows print manager for all print jobs" This will forward the print request to Windows and work through an LPR client. The second method is to just use the stock Windows print driver for your printer. This will work just fine except the print quality is not as good as with the Epson driver

Ok, I've isolated and solved this problem with epson stylus printers.

'Took a bit of diggin ... as follows:

  • logs stated connection/timeout,
  • somewhere in the troubleshoot process, I managed to receive a message about the spooler settings not allowing printing after the last page being spooled
  • Lightning's comment about epson's printer spooler

    It seemed reasonable to conclude that the epson monitoring agent wasn't relinquishing the print job to the LPR monitor.

    The fix:
    [1] remove the epson printer/monitor install (also flush the registry of references)
    [2] the infamous reboot
    [3] manually install the epson color generic [Stylus Color ESC/P 2] drivers
    [4] make sure your LPR spool settings are set to RAW, start print after Last page, disable the bi-directional option

    AXIS, ACITS, and IBMLPR all function 100%

    Thanks all,

  • Last update: 2004-10-12 01:03
    Author: Dingetje
    Revision: 1.0

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