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Do I need an LPD client for WinNT, Win2K, WinXP?

No, these Windoze flavours all come with support for LPD printing, allthough it may not be installed by default.

Windows NT 4:
1) Log in with administrator privileges.
2) Add the Microsoft TCP/IP Printing service, if it hasn't been installed already:
Check first to see if you have an i386 folder somewhere on the computer; if not you'll need the Windows NT 4 CD. Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel. Open the Network control panel. Click on the Services tab. If Microsoft TCP/IP Printing isn't in the list, click on Add… Select Microsoft TCP/IP Printing. Here you'll be prompted for the location of the i386 folder (you can use the NT CD), so NT can install the appropriate files.
Reboot when prompted.
3) Go to Start/Settings/Printers. Click on Add Printer.
Select My Computer, and click on Next.
Select Add Port. In the list of port types, select LPR Port. Click on New Port.
4) In the Name or address of server providing lpd: section, type in the IP address of your FREESCO box. (No \\\\ is needed.) Click on Close. You'll see that the new port has a checkmark next to it. Click Next.
5) Install the printer drivers. is also a nice tutorial for installing a TCP/IP queue on WinNT.

For Win2K I suggest you refer to this howto

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