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I've forgotten my root password! Now what?

You can change it back to the default password or no password, but it will require rebooting a floppy FREESCO and mounting the hard drive. Then you can edit the /mnt/hd/router/hd/router/etc/passwd file and remove the password entry for the root user. All this means is to delete the second entry in the line where the password is stored and leave the beginning semicolon and ending semicolon. The password entry should like this after editing:


This will make the root user not have a password and when you reboot the hard drive you can login without a password. At that point you can just type


and enter a new root password.

The command to mount the harddisk when you've booted with the floppy is:

mount -t umsdos /dev/hda1 /mnt/hd

Once you have edited the file be certain and use:

umount /mnt/hd

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