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I have vmware installed on my Dell laptop, and want to run multiple freesco machines in order to play with router configuration. The problem is that I do not have a floppy drive available. Can I install from cdrom? How can I install freesco without a floppy being available?

Under VMware (Workstation or Server) it is a very simple task to install Freesco using the distribution files. It does not matter if your host machine has any floppy drive :-)

In your virtual machine go to VirtualMachineSettings, add floppy drive and assign it the floppy image (ex. freesco.038) from Freesco distro. Then boot the VM machine and do not forget to set the floppy as the first boot device in the virtual machine's BIOS.

Last update: 2008-12-10 22:53
Author: Tomcat
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