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Downloaded FREESCO ZIP files, now what?

Original Question:
I don't know where to start FREESCO from.
I have downloaded both and from Sourceforge. Now how shall I start. What do I require to start with. I have a system with Linux running on it. Please guide so that I can run Freesco and appreciate the same.


FREESCO is an OS by itself so you cannot install it within linux (well, it is possible, but hard for a beginner).
The easiest way to install FREESCO is to extract the ZIP on a windoze or DOS box. The ZIP archive contains a file readme.txt with (short) installation instructions:

  • Use make_fd.bat to create a floppy disk
  • boot target PC (the one you want to use for FREESCO) from the floppy
  • type setup,
  • configure your router
  • reboot.
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