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How do I configure for 100Mb?

Original question:
I have configured eth0 to ask for DHCP information. When booting this fails.
executing ifconfig shows 10MBPS but I beleive the broadband router is running 100MBPS. How do I configure eth0 for 100Mb?

Partial Answer:

FREESCO's (ancient) 2.0.x ifconfig tool doesn't support 100Mb NIC's in the sense that the reported speed is ALWAYS 10Mb (in fact it's hardcoded).
You'll notice the NIC's actual speed is 100Mb (check this with a file x-fer), provided the driver, NIC, switch, cable, etc. support 100Mb.
This will BTW be fixed in version 0.3.5 of FREESCO where ifconfig has been patched to show the actual speed as reported by the driver.

I have 100Mb/s network cards, but FREESCO shows 10Mb/s?

Last update: 2005-09-12 11:42
Author: dingetje
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