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Howto let FREESCO handle my mail?

I want to run a freesco to share my internet as well as mail. I want to run my mail server which will recieve mail from my ISP Server of all users and my local users will get there mail from freesco. SMTP also I have with my ISP and I want the freesco to collect all mail from local user and send it. I have a good configuration system with high memory and hard disk space. Is that possible to also make freesco as mail server?

Yes, the above is all possible with FREESCO, but not out of the box. You'll need to install so called add-on packages and configure them to make this work.
Add-on packages can be found on

The packages to look for are:

  • teapop, a POP3 server to read local mailboxes via any POP3 compatible mail client. This package usually works out of the box and requires little or no configuration (Easy).
  • fetchmail, like the name suggests, a package that can fetch mail from ISP mail box(es) and deliver it to local mail box(es). Needs to be configured for the mail boxes to fetch. (Moderately complicated).
  • exim, a full featured MTA (Mail Transport Agent) working with SMTP protocol for mail sending and delivery. (Quite complicated to configure correctly, many many settings).
For assistance howto setup these packages, consult the FREESCO forums at

Last update: 2005-03-20 01:14
Author: dingetje
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