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Howto Allow a second local subnet behind a router internet access through freesco ?

Say you have two local networks with different subnets seperated by another router
(besides freesco) and you have freesco connected to one of those networks, but also
wish the other subnet to have internet access through freesco.

Several things must be done. For the purpose of argument, the subnet to which
freesco is directly connected is, subnet mask, and the
local network on the far side of the other router is subnet mask

Internet <--> Freesco <- network -> router <- network ->

Some example ip addresses, freesco eth0,, router local side, router remote side

First you must be sure to configure the default gateway of your other router to point to
 freesco's internal address, so there is a path for internet traffic from the remote subnet.
On freesco you must add a route to the remote subnet. The best place to put the
route command is the startup section of rc_user.

route add -net gw

Next, in advanced settings in setup you need to go to option 21. Internal security, and
change trust local networks to 'y'.

Finally you need to add a new entry in rc_masq to allow masquerading for the new

Near the end of rc_masq, locate the lines:

[ "$ROUTER" = ethernet ] || ipfwadm -F -a masquerad -S $NET0
[ "$NET1" ] && ipfwadm -F -a masquerad -S $NET1
[ "$NET2" ] && ipfwadm -F -a masquerad -S $NET2

just afterwards, put the following line (assuming subnet
is the subnet behind your router)

ipfwadm -F -a masq -S

You should now find after rebooting the second subnet has internet access.

Last update: 2016-11-28 12:02
Author: Mathieu CATTIN
Revision: 1.1

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Comment of nugroho (2038-01-19 04:14:07):
v0.3.5 rc\rc_user, at startup section add --> route add -net netmask gw 2. Internal security, and change trust local networks to 'y'. (advance setup mode) 3. open freesco web control (service need to be activated), at ban/alow list, add--> al, (meaning allow local(al) that's it. no need to change rc_masq anymore :D

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