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My system is Read Only?

Probably because you powered down you're system without giving the "halt" command or a power glitch caused a hard reset.

The best thing you can do is to start scandisk on every boot up to check the hard drive.

add scandisk /all /autofix /nosummary to you're autoexec.bat

or you can use Tiger's way:

I have a sugestion.
Boot in DOS mode and make two copies of router.bat name one router.faild and one router.ok

edit router.faild and add this line first

scandisk /all /autofix /nosummary

For FREESCO 0.2.7

boot FREESCO and then add this in rc_user in the start section:

cp /mnt/router.faild /mnt/router.bat

and in stop section:

cp /mnt/router.ok /mnt/router.bat

this way if the router shuts down eg by power out or if the filesystem is readonly scandisk will run the next time you reboot your router and not every time you reboot, this will minimize the boot time if nothing is wrong with the filesystem.

For FREESCO 0.3.x

Boot FREESCO and add the next commands in your rc_user script:

In start) section:
cp /boot/router.faild /boot/router.bat

and in the stop) section:

cp /boot/router.ok /boot/router.bat

Last update: 2004-11-24 12:21
Author: Dingetje
Revision: 1.0

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