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What is the correct spelling of FREESCO?

See this thread on the offical forum.

Hello all,

I have seen this come up again in a few different places. I have made comments to some, hopefully nice enough.

I would like to clarify the "typing" "visual spelling" of FREESCO.
As you can all tell, I type it all in CAPS, force of habit I guess. But to the point here ....

Freesco as far as I knew was to be typed like the following
FREESCO, Freesco, freesco

And as far as I knew it was not supposed to be typed like these (or direct variations)
freeSCO, FreeSCO, FREE SCO, Free SCO, FreeSco, freeSco, or any other way that makes the ""SCO"" stand out from the rest of the name.

I was under the impression that FREESCO is one word, not 2 words including the "SCO" as a seperate word (as the verbal description shows , which can be found if searched for).


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