ID #1177

Why does the screen going blank after "loading kernel...."?

If you have problems with the screen going blank after the point "loading kernel...." which the above solution does not fix, your video card may not be compatible with the video mode Freesco uses.

Edit the following two lines in the file syslinux.cfg in the root directory of the Freesco disk:

append initrd=ramdisk bootdev=fd0 vga=4 no387 no-hlt panic=15 root=/dev/ram0

append initrd=ramdisk bootdev=fd0 vga=4 no387 no-hlt panic=15 root=/dev/ram0 start=setup

Change the vga entries of both lines to vga=0

If you require the vga=0 setting in order to boot and you later install Freesco to a hard drive you will need to make the same changes to the file router.bat on the hard drive.

In that case, the two lines will look similar to this:

c:\\router\\loadlin c:\\router\\kernel initrd=c:\\router\\ramdisk bootdev=hda1 root=/dev/ram0 vga=4 no387 no -hlt panic=15

c:\\router\\loadlin c:\\router\\kernel initrd=c:\\router\\ramdisk bootdev=hda1 root=/dev/ram0 vga=4 no387 no -hlt panic=15 start=setup

Last update: 2005-03-26 00:12
Author: Mathieu CATTIN
Revision: 1.0

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