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Why does FREESCO dialout even when I'm sure I'm not accessing any web page?

This is caused by client computers trying to use TCP/IP as the default protocol / file sharing protocol, which FREESCO sees as Internet activity.


  • use NetBEUI or IPX/SPX as the default protocol in your local network and use the TCP/IP protocol only for the Internet.
  • or manually configure a DNS server for all computers on local networks, either using the one within Freesco, or your own. This way, Freesco doesn't have to forward queries concerning local machines to your ISP's DNS server to find out that they're local.

  • If this doesn't fix your problem, enable Freesco's DNS server (with debugging turned on) and look at the logs when it does it. It should show which domain it is trying to connect to and you can locate the problem program / setting. If this domain is on your local network, you need to properly configure DNS for it. If this domain is something else (e.g. another program like Windows Update, Anti-virus updates etc. trying to connect to the Internet when you boot), you need to locate the program which is trying to connect to them and remove it, or filter out that domain somehow.

    Also see Why does FREESCO redial every 20 minutes ?

    Last update: 2004-12-12 23:19
    Author: dingetje
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