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Can I connect 2 dialup lines with one ISP login?

No, multi-link isn't supported in FREESCO.

The reason is because this requires advanced network routing capabilities (do a search on Google for iproute2) that require a newer kernel than the 2.0 kernel that is used on FREESCO.

The PPP Multilink Protocol (MP) for Linux also requires at least a 2.2 kernel.

There may be a possible solution called EQL:

Note that this requires support from your ISP. In other words, to use EQL to effectively double you
bandwidth, you need support for the same version of EQL load balancing at each end of the connection.
Most ISP's are likely to be somewhat averse to this prospect (or to charge extra) since you'll be
taking up two of their modems while connected over EQL.

Another thing to consider is the difference between latency and bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the
amount of data that can be transmitted over a communications channel in a given amount of time. Latency
refers to the propagation delay --- the amount of time before the first bits get to one end or the
other of the channel.

EQL can provide more bandwidth. However modem latency is pretty high and nothing can improve that
within the constraints of the current standards.

I'm not sure if EQL is compiled into the FREESCO kernel...
The fact that the EQL README hasn't been updated since 1995 isn't a good sign, I'm afraid. :(


EQL is only going to work if your ISP also supports it. There are very few that do.

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