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When to use "cross over" or normal CAT5 cables

Crossover vs. Straight Through Cables
(When to use each)
Note: NIC = Network Interface Card, HS = Hub/Switch

Use a crossover cable in the following situations:

NIC-to-HS uplink port
HS uplink-to-HS uplink
HS normal-to-HS normal

Use a straight through cable (normal) in the following situations:

NIC-to-HS normal port
HS uplink-to-HS normal port

Some nicer hubs and switches allow you to choose (via a switch above the port, or possibly through software control) if the uplink port acts like a normal port (like any other on the back of the device) or like an uplink port (RTS/RTR crossed and Send/Recieve crossed).

Crossover cables are not any different from normal cables except that one end has some wires switched so that two devices aren't sending on the same line and listening (to nothing) on the same line.

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This DokuWiki article is giving detailed information about RJ45 cables.

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