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I get 'mysql: No such file or directory'?

When you've installed the mySQL package on FREESCO 0.3.x the mysql command is not in the search path. This means you'll have to go to the directory where mysql lives or add that directory to your PATH setting.

[Linux] cd /usr/local/mySQL/bin
[Linux] mysql

Howto add /usr/local/mySQL/bin to your PATH

1. copy /etc/profile to /boot/etc
2. edit /boot/etc/profile and add /usr/local/mySQL/bin to the line where the PATH is defined.
3. save changed file and copy it to /etc
4. logout and back in again and you'll find that mysql (and other mysql commands work from anywhere now).

FYI: the reason why the profile file is also copied to /boot/etc is to make the change permanent because /etc is in RAM disk.

Last update: 2004-11-28 01:27
Author: dingetje
Revision: 1.0

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