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Should I run the built in thttpd web server as a public web server ?

The built in thttpd web server has been upgraded to version 2.25b since FREESCO version 0.3.4. So if you are running FREESCO v0.3.4+ you can easily use the built in web server for public use.
This server is capable of running shell CGI scripts and even perl CGI scripts if the perl package is installed. It also includes the capability of virtual servers, ~user web pages and secure login pages and since FREESCO v0.3.7 custom error pages. This server is very fast and uses a very minimal amount of resources for home based web pages that do not require more than HTML and CGI server capabilities.

However if you are planning on running PHP web pages and want state of the art server capabilities it is required and recommended that you install the Apache web server package.

Last update: 2008-12-10 22:56
Author: Lewis
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