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is Netmeeting supported?

Due to Netmeeting's reliance on the H.323 protocol, which isn't well supported on Linux 2.0.x and therefore FREESCO, Netmeeting doesn't have the full complement of features working correctly when running through FREESCO. Most notably video, audio and whiteboard features will not work properly. Normal chat appears to work fine.

The H323 protocol uses a wide range of port numbers. Simply forwarding all these port numbers will fix the problems, but it will leave the firewall wide-open and pretty much useless. Until a proper kernel module for H.323 can be found and compiled for Freesco, these other features of NetMeeting will not work.


This kernel module does exist now! It has been reported to work with netmeeting both in- and outgoing.
You still need to forward a few ports (389 522 1503 1720 1731), which limits the use to a single client PC inside your firewall.

Search the for details about this module.

You can download the module ip_masq_netmeeting.o here.
Use this to install:

<strong>[Linux] cd /mnt/router/drv
[Linux] snarf -n</strong>

If you have insmod available, you can type 'insmod ip_masq_netmeeting.o' to install, otherwise you'll have to reboot.

This module is default for FREESCO 0.3.x

Last update: 2004-10-06 23:05
Author: Dingetje
Revision: 1.0

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