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is IRC supported?

IRC (Internet Relay Chat) should work just fine through FREESCO. If you are having problems it may be down to one of a few things that may need to be configured first.

IRC networks often require "IDENT" requests. An IDENT "daemon" usually runs on every computer that uses IRC (sometimes one is even integrated into the IRC software itself) and provides a username to the IRC server whenever it requests it. Back in the days when computer accounts were rare, IDENT was a good way to identify the user who was using the computer at the time, thus making it very reliable for such things as checking if you are indeed the "Fred Bloggs" who has some rights on an IRC channel rather than any "Fred Bloggs" who used your ISP. Nowadays, it's not relied on but it still acts as a semi-authentication scheme.

FREESCO, by default, blocks IDENT requests and some IRC networks may refuse your connection if they cannot IDENT your computer. Others may refuse you access to your account if you do not IDENT correctly. Some channel-banning, auto-op and similar systems that rely not just on someone having a particular username may use IDENT.

Thankfully, this problem is easily solved using an official FREESCO package. The package is called "oidentd" and can be installed using the command:

installpkg oidentd

This.installs a forwarding daemon which forwards any IDENT requests to the machine on the network that holds the connection, thus allowing normal IDENT operation.

Once this package is installed, IDENT requests are also logged into the FREESCO system log, as well as the reply which was returned.

Last update: 2004-10-06 22:57
Author: Dingetje
Revision: 1.0

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